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The Midwest Premier Dealer in electric Bikes for ages 3 and up. oset dealer

Oset is the world leader in electric off road motorcycles for ages 3+ oset dealer electric motorcycle electric dirt bike

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We are a oset dealer electric motorcycle electric dirt bike father son team that just loves to ride. Ahmet started trials at the age of 4 and I couldn't afford a bike to compete on so I got him one. He rode that year some and at 5 won the District championship for youth. This year we decided to take on the Oset line to promote the ease of use and how the bike is an amazing tool for creating lifelong skill sets both on and off the pegs. As a single parent and business owner I value time more than anything and the Oset is packed with time saving value and you spend more time making memories and that is what this is all about, good fun memories. 

Where We Ride


Holding weekly, monthly and annual events, we can be found at all local Competitions and are focused on spreading our reach as we grow. We also have a Trials playground at our headquarters so anyone can ride we invite you to ride weather you are gas or electric or pedal or unicycle all are welcome. oset dealer electric motorcycle electric dirt bike

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Oset has been in operation for 14 years and in 24 countries. EFM is the Premier mid-west dealer aiming for legacy in the off road motorcycle community. We are in this for the long haul and have been an independent vintage motorcycle repair shop for 10 years. We see the unprecedented value the line Oset offers. Please ask if you have any questions we aim to get more kids riding. oset dealer electric motorcycle electric dirt bike