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Get More Youth outside and riding

Our intent is 100% to get more people enjoying two wheels


We offer Oset's line of electric off road motorcycles. We specialize in Oset only and also compete on them. Let us help show you the value an Oset can bring to your life as a parent, teen or child. 

Upcoming events

The group of Wota members in D16, and there were alot of D17 riders that came as well

We will be at all district 16 AMA events with all the demos for anyone to check out. If we are not at a trials competition we will be at all the local hare-scrambles and motos. 

A real testimonial from Ally a first time rider

Amazing MX10

 As someone who doesn’t ride bikes and has never grown up around bikes, I’m super grateful to Kerry for letting me borrow the mx10 to follow my boyfriend around on his loops this last weekend at the trials event in Door County! My boyfriend tried to teach me to ride once and I could never grasp the clutch and gears and all that. Riding the Oset mx10 was soooo easy, I felt like I’d been riding bikes my entire life! It’s honestly a turn of the key and go! It only took me 10 minutes to get a feel for the throttle and the feel of the bike itself, and it made it so easy to get around and see all of the riders and sections! I would highly recommend the Osets to those who are just getting into riding, and are looking for a quiet ride. Thanks Kerry for letting me try this one out! 

Current Specials


We have special Demo Unit pricing please message with interested model and we can get you a price! 

Sponsorship Programs


Are you competitive and need some help with sponsorship? We are always looking to help young riders or anyone that wants to promote EFM and Oset Bikes Let us help you get there! Please send us your resume and we can talk! 



Here are my 3 most asked questions 

1. How long does the battery last? 

It varies, based on weight terrain and speed. 

I am tired before the battery and all models are competition capable for Trials.

 The MX10 Will go for along time.

 My son has never drained the MKII 20 Lithium 3 loops of competition and all evening riding still 2 out of 3 on the charge. With all 3 settings maxed out